Dissection is the exploration of dead animals in the classroom to see what their internal parts look like and how they work.

Each year millions of animals such as frogs, cats, pigs, fish, rabbits, dogs, rats, earthworms and grasshoppers are killed for dissection. Rabbits, cats and dogs are sometimes stolen from backyards, bought from pet stores, animal dealers, shelters and biological supply companies. Pigs and sheep are purchased from slaughterhouses and frogs are sometimes stolen from their habitat.

Gross Film Footage

Supplying animals for classroom dissection is an ugly business. See for yourself! This undercover video footage was taken at a biological supply company that ‘prepares’ animals for dissection. (WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT). In the video, the Carolina Biological Supply Company and Ward's Biology are investigated. These are the top suppliers of animals used for dissection. Wards Biology also owns Ontario’s largest biological supply houses, both Wards and Boreal Labs. Investigators reported 181 violations of the Animal Welfare Act, 99 violations of North Carolina's animal cruelty statutes and 23 violations of Federal Health and Safety Regulations.

Wards Biology is where Vancouver schools get animals to use for dissection.

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